After the other day having tried a sherry matured Edradour and found it yummie the time has now come to try the ten-year-old peated expression from the same distillery – the Ballechin 10 yo. This whisky is a part är the distillery’s core range and has gotten its name from a now closed distillery within the proximity of Edradour.

Ballechin 10 yo , 46%

General info:This ten-year-old whisky is matured in both ex-Oloroso and ex-bourbon casks, and has been bottled är the ABV of 46%. The whisky is neither chill filtered nor artificially coloured.

Colour: Dark golden

Nose: Well hello Laphroaig! I know, I know – I shouldn’t comparr whiskies like this but my initial reactionegen nosing the whisky was that it really reminded me of its distant Islay-relative.  This is definately a medicinal nose, with a bunch of peat and smoke. It actually smells kind of like peated cough medicine! When the initial chock has subsided I find juniper and band aids too. It also smells a bit of sealed-up “plastic container” too (don’t ask me how I got to think about that) and old fabric. But wait… after a while there is actually some fruitiness coming through, and I sense something that reminds me of passionfruit. Then a wave of eucalyptus and finally some leather. A promising start, indeed! Aftersome water the nose becomes a bit sweeter but also a bit tangy. Some lime finds its way through with a hint of tobacco and wax. 

Taste: Hello, where did the flavours go?? After such a cocky nose it’s as if I’ve stepped into a room that almost achoes empty. My first thought is “has it already been watered?”. Then I start wondering if anything has gone wrong or happened along the way, it shouldn’t taste like this. Sure, there is a little smoke, there is a little peat, there is even a little saltiness but the emphasis in all of this is on “little”. A sense of waxed tablecloth sneaks by along with some rubber, but the whole time I’m feverishly looking for more flavour. With a few drops of water the whisky completely collapses, and the taste that was there before is now so balanced it has completely lost all personality.  

Finish: The finish is rather thin and is dominated by cigaret smoke, burnt grilled meat and a hint of salt at the very end. After water the aftertaste is shortened and becomes slightly smokier. 

So by now you’ve probably figured out that this wasn’t a fantastic taste experience, but I must add one crucial thing.  The content of this miniature bottle was about a fifth less than the previous Edradour-mini, and that suggests this bottle hasn’t been sealed properly. It was really significantly less whisky in this bottle than the last one, so the spirit has probably been affected by the oxygen exposure – how much is unclear. Or maybe I’m trying to find reasons är exuses to like this whisky, but I actually don’t think it’s supposed to be this bad. To be honest this blog post turned more into a word of warning concerning the effects of oxygen in whisky and the importance of air-tight corks than a serious review. I will interpret this as a sign from above on two things: 1) to as soon as possible try the Ballechin 10 yo once more, this time from a better bottle and after that update this blog post, and 2) finish opened bottles a bit more deliberately, because heaven forbid this happens to any other of my bottles in nu cabinet – big or small!