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Month: December 2016

2004 Ballechin Burgundy Matured SWF

Finally an opportunity to get a grip on Ballechin and give the peated spirit from Edradour an honest chance! This…

Ballechin 10 yo

After the other day having tried a sherry matured Edradour and found it yummie the time has now come to…

Edradour Caledonia 12 yo

One distillery I sometimes have heard talked down a bit during whisky discussions is Edradour. Why I have no clue….

Isle of Lime – Shareholders Edition

For many a Swedish whisky nerd the last days have meant quite a deal, since the lucky ones owning shares…

Old Particular Girvan 26 yo Single Grain

Like a famous Swedish poet I have a buddy called Pär. Buddy Pär is a middle-aged gentleman who revels in…

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